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will forever be my #1 OTP.

♥ Song For You
Well I am still young and living to the fullest! I come from California but please don't ask me questions about my info. (like age, school, blah blah blah) but my birthday is in the same month as my #1 suju member, EUNHYUK! Goshie I love Lee Hyukjae, aka Eunhyuk! He's so cute and adorable and so pretty when he is cross dressing. He puts my look in shame sometimes, but I still love like him ^3^

I love Haehyuk and YunJae! I write Haehyuk because there wasn't enough Haehyuk in the world (but now there seems to be a good amount). I am a slow updater just to let you know ahead of time. I love it when people comment me, long or short, as long as you comment and if your comments are long then don't feel bad because I love long comments, it makes me have a conversation with my readers! ^^

Bye Bye my lovely readers. I'm ending it here at this period.